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1. ColoradoAvalanche.Com-Official Homepage of the Colorado Avalanche
2. Deadnight's Fight Site-Great Fight Site! Includes Numerous Fight Clips
3. Fried Chicken's Fite Site-Hockey Message Board to Discuss Hockey Fights
4. HockeyFights.Net-Message Board to Discuss Hockey Fights
5. Dennis "The Menace" Bonvie-Unofficial Dennis Bonvie Site
6. Rink Rat's Fight Forum-Message Board to Discuss Hockey Fights
7. Danger Avalanche Warning-Avalanche Fan Site with Message Board
8. Amorphis.Net-Official Site of the Finnish Metal Band AMORPHIS
9. HammerFall.Net-Official Site of the Swedish Power Metal Band HAMMERFALL
10. Prowler's Homepage-Power Metal and Death Metal Site